At Gimme! Coffee, Trumansburg, NY, for the month of January.
Natalie in the window  
Trumansburg, NY.  September 2014

This one's personal. The original aim was to get the covered stairway and the balanced placement of the windows, with the contrasting textures of the vertical wood sheathing, the brick wall and the stone foundation.

Most of my work is concerned with (sub)urbanized northern New Jersey, but my daughter lives in the Finger Lakes area in upstate New York, and we visit. There's a lot of landscape there and in places, the human touch can be hard to see.  The pictures below are selected from work from three recent visits.

Meadow Edge
Hector, NY.  September 2014

Taughannock Falls
Taughannock Falls State Park, NY.  September 2015

Taughannock Creek absorbs Cold Spring Branch
Trumansburg NY.  June 2015

Dogwood after rain
Taughannock Falls State Park NY.  June 2015

Taughannock Creek at Cayuga Lake
Taughannock Falls State Park, NY.  June 2015

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